Most people are just one idea away from the life they dream of. Everyone who is at the top was once at the bottom or not even in the game at all. I've spent my life studying how successful people think and the secrets I've uncovered will surprise you. Give me your attention for a short cup of coffee and I'll tell you what I believe is truly possible for you!!


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Learn How Mindfulness And Inner Peace Can Improve Your Leadership

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Who Is Corey Jahnke And Why Should You Care?

Corey Jahnke Is The Author Of The Amazon Best Selling Leadership And Influence Book The Successful Thinker, Publisher Of The Successful Thinker Magazine, And Host Of The Successful Thinker Podcast. Corey Has Spent The Past 30 Years As A Pharmacist And Student. Corey Has Dedicated Himself To Asking And Answering One Question:

"Why Are Some People Amazingly Successful While Countless Others Are Not?"

Corey's mission is to spend the next 30 years sharing the answers and secrets his life quest has uncovered  with you and anyone you care about so that you too can become successful in all of your endeavors.

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"I've had Corey in my corner and supporting me as my success coach for over a year. It's ridiculously amazing (and darn right scary) how he knows when I'm bluffing or when I'm too scared to make a move. It's those exact time that he's been able to help me remove obstacles in my path to reach the successes I've been just talking about. With Corey's encouragement, I've been able to publish my first book and start a professional speaking company all in 6 months. He's become a staple of my visionary team and I recommend him as the highest caliber coach available."

Iqbal Atcha
Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition and Professional Relations - Health & Wellness at Walmart

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