Reengineering Your Body By Rewiring Your Thinking

How I Lost More Than 20 Pounds In The Gold’s Gym Challenge By Corey Jahnke

 "Dad, you ALWAYS say that!"

"What's that?"

"Tonight we will have ice cream, but tomorrow we will get serious!!"

Ouch!  14 year-olds can be brutal with their bluntness.

But, Christopher was right!

I DID always say that.

I had been meaning to work harder on my health for several months, but for reasons that I could not explain at the time, I kept postponing my "start date".

As we sat down with our ice cream, I couldn't get his words out of my mind.

The ice cream began to taste like chalk, then paste, then I couldn't even finish it.

I began to think about the role model I was for my family.

Or, should I say the role model I WAS NOT?!?

Enough was enough!

But, what now?

We had been going to the gym on a semi-regular basis, and I had noticed some posters announcing "The Gold's Gym 12 Week Challenge".

I decided that maybe signing up for the challenge might be a good way to hold myself accountable,...

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